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This area is at the centre of a micro-climate offering the second sunniest part of France with mild winters and a generally temperate climate.

The Charente is renowned for the production of Cognac brandy with vineyards dominating the slopes of the Charente river valley, whilst fields of sunflowers or winter wheat are found on the gently rolling hills above.

Here on the Charente/Dordogne border the countryside, culture and cuisine invites those seeking rest and relaxation. At the same time there are activities available that would appeal to the most energetic of adults and children.
Don’t forget this is the gateway to the wine routes of Bordeaux, Cognac and Bergerac.
Across the nearby Dordogne border you can find the Caves of Lascaux with Europe's best known prehistoric cave-art, and the River Dordogne for canoe trips
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